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How To Handle Breastfeeding Criticism

Breastfeeding has become such a controversial topic, has it not? It’s truly amazing how something to necessary and natural has become the brunt of so many silly jokes and arguments. Today’s post is about those pesky comments and opinions we’ve all gotten (or will soon get) from family, friends, and even bold people we pass […]

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What To Pack In The Hospital Bag – The Only Checklist You’ll Need!

You’ve all seen that “I Love Lucy” episode, right? Where Ricky, Ethel, and Fred are practicing their get-Lucy-to-the-hospital plan, complete with a call to the doctor, hailing a cab, and bringing the pre-packed hospital bag. Even if you’ve seen it…here it is again – because it’s AMAZING! 😉 I love it! Well, in the frenzy of […]

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Mr Rogers and Breastfeeding

Today is Fred Roger’s Birthday! In honor of our dear neighbor, this Milk Mama is excited to post a clip from a Mister Roger’s Neighborhood episode that dealt with breastfeeding. The show was discussing food, and, of course, where else can you start but the beginning – what do babies eat? It’s a pretty cute […]

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Seriously…What’s So Hard About Covering Up?

There is a ton of debate on breastfeeding in public, from men and women alike. The main problem? People just don’t want to see it! I can’t count the number of times I’ve read or heard someone saying “Why is it so difficult to cover up?” I’ve heard it from guys, from women who haven’t […]

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When Should I Stop Breastfeeding?

The question of when a mother should stop breastfeeding her child has been debated for decades (and I’m sure much much longer!!). Every mother, at some point in her breastfeeding journey has been asked when she’ll be done with it. Additionally, I have no doubt that each of you mamas out there are asking yourselves […]

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The Story of Little A and the Boobies That Could

Ahhhhh… breastfeeding. It’s a magical – and incredibly frustrating – experience! Baby #2 proved to be quite a challenge in the eating department, as I’m sure is apparent from previous posts. I thought I’d gather it all together in one place for other breastfeeding mamas… Little A was born in May, and he latched on […]

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