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Hot/Cold Breast Compress For Breastfeeding Mamas

Product Description

This heat pack was created out of a desperate need for a heat compress that would adequately provide heat around the entire breast to encourage let down and treat clogged ducts. Breastfeeding brings with it many issues, such as clogged ducts and mastitis, both of which are assisted by the use of heat compresses. They are made of 100% cotton flannel fabric to ensure a soft and smooth application, and filled with GOLDEN FLAX SEED and locally-grown ORGANIC LAVENDER BUDS.

This new design is packed with heat-absorbing flaxseed to maintain a longer warmth time. Easily place on breasts to help facilitate an easy milk flow!

Halving my classic octagon shape also allows you to tuck these adorable cozies into your bra for on-demand soothing. Listing is for a set of two half-cozies. Place them opposite each other for whole breast coverage, or one on each side to touch just the areas you need. PERFECT FOR TRAVEL – just toss in the diaper bag and go!

These cozy little hot/cold packs also make great BABY SHOWER GIFTS! They are QUICK AND EASY TO PACK in a hospital bag. We all know how hard those first couple of days are. Talk about sore boobs! These Half-Cozies will be a WELCOME RELIEF both at home and while stuck in the hospital those first few days.

**If they are being shipped directly to the gift recipient, I add specialized cards to greet them! Simply place the text you would like to appear on the card in the notes field during checkout, and I will add it accordingly.

~~Please note, the opinions in this listing should not be considered medical advice, and are merely based on my own experiences.~~

Additional Information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 7 x 7 x 2 in


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