Hot Cold Breast Compress – Watercolor Floral Cotton


Product Description

This 100 % COTTON WATERCOLOR FLORAL listing is for TWO Nursing Cozys.

This heat pack was created out of a desperate need for a heat compress that would adequately provide heat around the entire breast to encourage let down and treat clogged ducts. Breastfeeding brings with it many issues, such as clogged ducts and mastitis, both of which are assisted by the use of heat compresses.

These hot/cold packs are octagonal in shape, with ORGANIC GOLDEN FLAXSEED and locally-grown ORGANIC LAVENDER BUDS evenly distributed. I chose flaxseed as the filler to ensure a smooth feel when using the pack. Additionally, the flaxseed fills in all the nooks and crannies so much better! This helps keep your therapy pack warm or cold for a much longer period of time.

This fantastic design works wonderfully, and I want to share them with you! Microwave for one minute, or freeze for an hour, and you’re ready to go.

******For mamas, make your nursing experience a comfortable one with the assistance of these soft heat packs. *******

These cozy little hot/cold packs also make great baby shower gifts! If they are being shipped directly to the gift recipient, I add specialized cards to greet them! Simply place the text you would like to appear on the card in the notes field during checkout, and I will add it accordingly.

~~Please note, the opinions in this listing should not be considered medical advice, and are merely based on my own experiences. Here are some ways that my customers have used these packs!~~

For cold hands or laps, as bed warmers, to aid aching muscles, relieve menstrual cramps, headaches, or to relieve stress. When heated, a bag stays warm for up to 45 minutes, and under covers, a bag will stay warm for even longer. Kids love to take a warm rice pack with them to bed to help them feel calm and cozy.

For headaches, muscle aches, to ice injuries, cool a sunburn, sinus headaches, and to help all kinds of boo boos and bonks!

The uses go on and on!

If you have a specific fabric/theme in mind, just send me a message! I am happy to create a custom listing for you.

Additional Information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 7 x 7 x 2 in


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