Mr Rogers and Breastfeeding

mr rogers breastfeeding

Today is Fred Roger’s Birthday! In honor of our dear neighbor, this Milk Mama is excited to post a clip from a Mister Roger’s Neighborhood episode that dealt with breastfeeding. The show was discussing food, and, of course, where else can you start but the beginning – what do babies eat? It’s a pretty cute intro into the topic, take a look! 🙂

While hunting around, I also found this clip from Sesame Street. It sure is awesome to see these shows providing information on normal infant feeding. 🙂 Even though not every baby is fed this way, it’s encouraging that this natural method was so simply incorporated into kids’ lives. To see that on a children’s show nowadays would cause such an uproar. 😉

Have you seen other kids shows that shared these sentiments? Post them below for us!

Thanks for reading! Till next time 🙂

-Milk Mama Heather

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