How To Increase Breastmilk Supply The Natural Way

Increasing Breastmilk Supply

…why does it seem so elusive? It’s this  natural liquid that magically appears in our breasts, but for some reason, doesn’t stay or increase like our littles need it to! Barring other issues such as Lip Ties, Tongue Ties, or plugged ducts, there are fantastic natural ways to help increase your breastmilk supply. 🙂

I’ve talked about increasing your breast milk supply before, but only briefly touched on the supplements you can take/use to help with it! There are many people with many opinions on the subject, but these are the most effective ones I’ve heard of (and tried!). *Of course, as always, check with your doctor before adding any supplements to your diet*



Blessed Thistle

Red Clover


Red Raspberry


Now, on their own, these just seem silly! But, there are some easy ways to take them. From my personal experience with Little A, (a lip tie left him starving and my supply dwindling) I took Fenugreek and Blessed Thistle three times a day, and MAN did it help! The instructions I received were just the ticket.

The Natural Baby Company


mountain mama tea

The other herbs listed are included in an AMAZING tea my friend from Winterwoods Tea Company created. After trying every tea out there, I tried hers and was pleasantly surprised at the results. Not only does it help, but the ingredients are incredibly fresh, giving my tea a full-bodied flavor, and the chance to experience great results from a tea blend not stuffed with old leaves and preservatives. The best part is the mood you set by sitting down with a cup of tea. Find a teacup you adore, a chair that’s comfy, with a view you can stare at for awhile. Your body reacts to stress, and activities like this will only help your breastmilk supply goals. Love it!

mountain mama tea 1

Hot Compresses

Another trick I learned, was to warm up those boobies!


Especially in cases where ducts can be clogged due to inefficient nursing, heat compresses can liquefy those clogs, letting you express it easily. Breastmilk comes on a supply and demand basis, which means if you want to increase your supply, you’ve got to increase the demand! When Little A had his lip tie issues, my ducts were CONSTANTLY clogged, leading to a decreased supply. The milk couldn’t get out in order to replenish itself. Consider pumping in addition to breastfeeding – of course with the use of a heat source on those liquid gold producers. Don’t have a breast compress? Hot showers with washcloths over breasts work just as well.

Right?! :’)


What do YOU do to increase breast milk supply? Share your awesomeness in the comments!! 🙂


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