October Organization – Part 2


Now that we’ve banished all those crazy giant totes from October Organization Part 1, let’s talk about the outer rooms. Those rooms where people actually see, lol. The living and dining rooms, and even those entryways and hallways are fair game for this activity. Yes – you heard right – activity

Welcome to….the One Box Clean-up Game!

As you can probably imagine, this game takes ONE BOX. (You can even use one of those giant totes that you emptied from the baby room) Living rooms tend to accumulate so much junk from every other area of the house. I mean, it’s where you do your “living” right? hehehe. (Ok, fine, that was a lower class pun – but it still earns points!)

My living room generally contains remnants of train sets, legos (ouch!), books, sippy cups, cheerios, school pages, Crayola Crayons, tupperware, Little Cozies, pots and pans (I have a toddler, remember?!) and various other crazy items that seriously don’t belong. One day I was just DONE with the living room cleanup process and shoved everything – and I do mean EVERYTHING – into one box.

*Cue Sparkly Disney-Themed Music* 😉

sparkle purple stars


The room was immaculate. Put the box on the table or couch and put things away from there. OR – take the box with you to each room, pulling out all of that room’s belongings. Now you aren’t stooping to the floor to grab a few things, take them to their home, and return to stoop again. It isn’t a slow process to make the living room clean – it took me all of 2 minutes!

The best part about this system isn’t that I don’t have to do all that stooping; it’s that the room is actually ALREADY clean when I start putting toys and kitchen items away! I’ve already accomplished something I set out to do by piling everything in one box. Now, I can put everything away without sighing at the mess each time I re-enter the room.

Ready to start feeling more accomplished during your end-of-the-day routine?

Grab a tote, and let’s get started… 😉



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