Jamberry Nail Wraps! and a Linky Party

Hello friends!

I’ve just joined Jamberry Nail Wraps! As if I didn’t have enough going on, right? Basically…I just want to #buyallthejams! So why not sell them, and get free and discounted goodness, right? Right. I am so so excited to start wearing these and showing others how to wear them, too!



So those two pics are the day after I applied them FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER. Don’t judge lol. They have stayed on really well so far, through 3 days of moving furniture and packing/unpacking boxes. No chips, scratches, gouges, or anything! I’m kind of shocked. I’ve never been able to keep pretty nails. LIKE EVER. They chip the DAY OF, people, no matter if I’ve done them, or had a nail salon do them. These nail wraps rock!

Dia De Los Muertos
Apple cider back cherry gel and gold stripe
Apple Cider!

Love them! Ok enough for now, and let’s get on to the Linky Party! If you want to grab a look, a sample, or get gobs of free Jamberry goodness by hosting a party with me, CLICK HERE! Just want to browse around and maybe buy a wrap or two? Be a part of my launch party! Just select Heather’s Exciting Launch Party at checkout. Thanks, friends!

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  1. Hello beautiful! I’m loving your party! Thank you for hosting. Please join us at our party that goes until Friday at 7 pm. We pin and tweet everything! Lou Lou Girls

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